Alexandra Leone — Westwood, California

Alexandra “Alex” Leone likes to have unguarded sexual intercourse with as lots of guys as feasible. She has a partner and also rips off on him constantly on the reduced. Her ex-boyfriend from Santa Barbara defeated her for dishonesty as well as she relocated to Westwood, CA. Alex will certainly allow anybody climax inside her very first time conference. She suches as family men particularly, as well as males that have households. Whoever has actually made love with this awful fanatic encourage obtain checked instantly. Any individual in a connection with Alex ought to make use of prophylactics, safeguard on your own.

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  • Alexandra is always asking the mirror if her b**t looks fat and snaps and resnaps pics so she can get viewers opinions. Westwood, California has been her home since she first checked into this motel and realized that the mirrors are much more friendly and the viewers agree. She wants to move into Cato’s old bungalo if it ever becomes available. Until then, keep those comments coming, they reassure her so much and thank you for nice ones.

  • Westwood Ho’s leave nothing to the imagination, they’re all about that money, just like the dopeboys. Alexandra turns her profits over to her dopeboys, usually the same day. That keeps her wearing the same nasty underwear over and over again, she smells like a used car.

  • Used & abused haha