Carlos Centeno — San Antonio, Texas

Posted on Texas

This guy is a world-class nobody. He likes to hang around the scene in San Antonio with his sh1tbox and that’s his claim to fame. Ladies don’t mess with this guy unless you like your PH balance thrown off and you end up with the dry. He frequents the strip and is cheap as f*k. You’re also gonna have to pay for yalls dates cause he’s broke as f*k and make sure when you go home with him you don’t wake up his dad because that’s whom he lives with. His room is a makeshift laundry room. You’ll be paying for yalls weekend getaways and he’s a cheater so when he’s done with you for a couple of months he’ll go hop on over to the next gal and use her money and then jump back to you. He’s also still very married to his wife and he likes to take women back to her apartment when she’s not there and he f**s girls on her bed. He cries on social media that he’s some weirdo and he’s dark but he’s such a fkn fake. De he just likes preying on the women in the scene.

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