Hakim Malik — Memphis, Tennessee

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This man right here gives deadbeat dad a whole new meaning… To tell you a little bit about him. his real name is Pete Torro Ill but he goes under the name Hakim M. Malik. He is 53 years old.He is an ex convict. De he has been going under that name for quite some time. He has been living in the Memphis, Tn area. on & off since 2002. He has lied about rehabilitating himself & living his life in the right path.. He claims to be a Muslim.. He comes off at first as being sweet, charming. polite. & will say all of the right things to the right people & women but trust me , he is a very twisted, plain crazy, & sick individual. He is a true sociopath .. He has a total of 6 kids including my child that is his 6th child that he doesn’t even want to claim.. He is known to be very violent, abusive,he has a very manipulative nature ,liar. theif etc etc . The list goes on & on..about him, ask & I will tell….You would not believe!! He lied to me with just about everything during our almost 2 yr relationship…. He got mad because I didn’t want to name the baby the way he wanted me to & because plans had changed for me to have the baby in the hospital that he wanted me too & he basically after that decided that he was not going to help take care of his child. he told me to just leave his name off my child’s birth certificate if he wasn’t gonna be named after him. He does nothing for my child, his new born 5 month old son. He has never seen him before. he never helps with anythings that the baby needs he didn’t call much in the beginning to see how the baby is doing. & doesn’t at all now. He semi takes cares of his two other youngest children but he forgot about mines. My child looks exactly like him but he has went around & told people that I kept the baby from him & he tells the baby’s 2 younger siblings that the child is not his & its not their brother.. This guy is scum so beware of him. He is no type of father to his kids.. He has caused a lot of pain in all of his children’s lives that goes back many years & he is verbally abusive as well in people that he affects. He doesn’t have the slightest care about what he does .His family protects him & excuses his deadbeat behaviour as well.. Ladies , Ladies please beware of this man. He will get with a woman, use her, lie & manipulate them. & have children with them , them, then he will run off & deny that the child is even his. This is an ongoing cycyle with this man. Watch out for this well!!

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