Heather Sanzon las vegas filthy cow

Posted on Nevada

Meet Heather Sanzon, this chick cheated on me with her own brother! I knew they were staying together while doing drugs and drinking but I never would have thought she was actually having s*x with him. Absolutely disgusted by her. Thats the worst of it but she also lies and steals constantly. She stole my ten year old son’s phone and pawned it for drug money. She was garbage enough to act completely innocent and help us look for it while he cried his eyes out. Later on I found texts in her phone to her brother saying that maybe they shouldn’t have had s*x because its wrong but felt so right. yuck!!! Then telling him she HAD to p**n the phone so she wouldn’t get withdrawals and was just desperate but “felt bad.” Bullshit Heather, you are not sorry for anything you’ve done and you need to hate yourself and just stay single forever because you are an incestuous, lying, druggie thief that makes the hookers on Boulder highway look like angels.

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