Ivy Ocampo – Vancouver, Canada

This girl is on SA looking for a Sugar Daddy but all she does is scam men and people. Pretends to need money for school…laptops…concert tickets and promises to meet up and have s*x with you but she lies and just runs off with your money. She will meet up with you after you have given enough money but you can smell what has been between her legs from a mile away. Stay away…

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  • Ivy Ocampo is not really a model but lets different guys pretend to be photographers when they’re spending some money with her. She sells the pix on a p**n site under Amateurs and is starting to get a few followers. The money is just enough to pay a few small bills but she wants to sell more and see what happens. She says that once the picture is up the work is done and she just waits for orders. New content is uploaded weekly and she sells enough to keep taking more and posting them to her account,

  • It’s hard to believe but the temperature that day was just above freezing. Ivy saw a sugar daddy leaning on the rail smoking a cigarette and texting on his phone, and she didn’t want to go unnoticed. He saw her and her plan worked, they were soon cuddling in his room and she was pleased that he thought it was all his idea.

  • rjrjuyh@rfgdh.com

    Her p***y getting ready to get very wet as soon as she dip all the way down in the pool and come up to take another picture, she really get the boy excited.