Jacey Wojcik gave me an incurable disease

Posted on Texas

I have been supporting Jacey Wojcik of Austin Texas and Houston Texas for the last year or so. I’m a married man so our relationship was discreet. We agreed to a private sexual based relationship only and she guaranteed me no drama and that her physical Health was good. After a few months, she became deranged and psychotic, calling and texting me at all hours, asking for more money, threatening me. I took her on a nice trip in NYC and treated her to a weekend of shopping and the best dining. In return to abused me mentally, asked me to leave my family and stole my things and cash on hand before I sent her back to Austin. Now, almost two months later I’m breaking out with blisters. My physician told me it was incurable. I’m devastated that now I have to tell my wife. Please think twice about this Girl. She’s deceitful, a home wrecker and severely troubled. Run for the woods if you ever are in the path of Jacey Wojcik.

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