Jeff Beckerman is a disgusting pervert and sexual predatoreffrey Scott Beckerman of Short Hills is a sick sexual pervert and a dirty old man

Jeffrey Beckerman is a nasty, sick, sexual pervert. He has molested at least 1 young girl and he shows an inappropriate interest in his daughter’s friends. When his favorite daughter was in high school, Jeff would get into bed with her at night and read a book. Grown men getting in bed with their HS daughters is very inappropriate. Fortunately, Jeff’s wife Wendy, closed her eyes to this kind of sick behavior because all she cares about is living in Short Hills, a dream she has had ever since she was young, and nothing, not even being married to a pervert, will displace her from he dream. Jeff’s mother use to say that Wendy married Short Hills, and not Jeff. What kind of wife lets her husband get into bed with her teenage daughter? Wendy enables Jeff’s sick behavior. Speaking of Jeff’s wife, if you were to look at her from behind, she looks like a young girl, which is why Jeff was attracted to her, as she reminded him of the young girls he has always fantasized over. As a career, Jeff is an ambulance chaser, and a very incompetent one, having been disciplined for unethical practices. Jeff is a coward and very immature, which explains why he likes young girls, since they don’t know any better. Jeff is nothing but a dirty old man, who likes young girls. Jeff has decided that he wants to teach, so he has gone back to school. If this ugly pervert shows up in your daughter’s classroom, remover her from his classroom, ASAP.

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