Kevin Gunnels — Kaufman, Texas

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Hey De, I am the grandma to two wonderful little boys. My grandsons’ sperm donor is Kevin Gunnels. He lives currently in Kaufman, TX with his new girlfriend and her two children. I don’t mind that he takes care of the two girls and their mother, but it breaks my heart that he doesn’t call, doesn’t see, pays no child support (even though court ordered) and his 6 yr old son thinks his daddy doesn’t love him and his baby brother because he likes girls better. Not only is he a deadbeat, he is also a thief. He had a felony probation and needed money to pay the probation fees or his a*s would be in jail. I loaned him the $2400 on the promise he would pay me back. I haven’t seen a cent from him. He works under the table so Child Support can’t get anything from his check. The last time he saw his boys was in June, 2014. He came to his 6 year old son’s birthday party, acting like °Daddy of the Year”, showed my grandson a dirt bike in the back of his tuck. Told him that he’d take the bike to his Granny’s house and he could ride it. That was the last my grandson saw or heard from his dad or the bike. Kevin Gunnels lives only about 10 miles away from his children so there is no reason he couldn’t come to see them or even call to see how they are doing. It breaks my heart that the 6 year old thinks his daddy doesn’t love him and his little brother because his daddy likes girls better.

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