Melissa Attwood, pays for maintenance jobs with lewd sex

Please beware of this dirty little gold digger, Melissa Attwood from Kersley in NSW.
Keep her away from your tradesmen husbands.
I could lose my job over this post but how this woman prostitutes herself in return for services by tradesmen is astonishing.
She recently came into a leading Smash repairs business in Newcastle, to get a quote to repair her car that her teenage son had damaged.
With three kids and no man willing to hang around for long she knew she couldn’t afford to have it fixed.
When the owner of the business (my boss) gave her the quote for the repairs of $900 she negotiated with him to get the repairs done by paying with her p***y. This is how she operates and it isn’t the first time.
When this brazen gold digger realized the extent of the business and several others my boss has, she set her sights on more than just the car repair. The low life then sent several messages to his wife to let her know of the “transaction”
What a Filthy little Homewrecker.
When her son crashed the car again, Melissa was back at the workshop and calling the business for a new quote. All the boys in the workshops are sniggering about her and word is getting around very quickly about this Tradie Slore. Watch out Melissa. The cats out of the bag.

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