Nicole Ceranna of Oracle in Denver CO is a wild cougar on the prowl WebActivism

Posted on Colorado

Nicole Ceranna of Oracle is a h***y cougar on the prowl in Denver Colorado. OMG, Nicole Ceranna is a 58 year-old cougar yet she routinely picks up and hooks up with boys much less than half her age! Nicole Ceranna meets these youngins at bars around the Denver area. Now I take no issue with with Nicole Ceranna wanting some young pee-pee but I balk at how she portrays herself as a “vibrant 23 year old”. LOL! Oh, puhleeessse! Who will believe Nicole Ceranna is 23?!?! LMAO!!! Nicole Ceranna works at Oracle and she went to high-school with my mom. Ewwww! Gross. Nicole Ceranna needs to be exposed for what she does just to get some fresh young meant pole kebobs! Yuck.

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