I also was looking for a place to rent and was told by a person named Neil as he says he goes by that there are rooms available in a rental property located in Sturgeon and when I asked a few questions he was desperate in knowing my phone number. I found this ad on Kijiji. Once I gave my phone number to him he was persistent in meeting and started going off about his life and how his ex left him and telling me how he his so successful and happy but fighting to get his baby back and how he has so many human rights violation and kept going on and on about his life and how great this room that I wanted to rent is and how great the renters there are but that there is a pregnant lady there and how I can watch her kid and do things around the house and how he can help me get “RICH”. Weird because I never asked but he just started blabbering on. I then told him maybe this place was not the right fit for me but he kept persisting and went as far as wanting me to send him a picture and wanted to know if I had WhatsApp. He then went on about how he is turning this boarding rental property to a mental health or something and was trying to convince me that I need help ha what a joke. Then he asks if I had done drugs or drank and I stated no, and he said how he wanted to go grab a drink and how he would F*** me. I did not respond to that as it was so out of left field and things a predator would say. I was so on alert but he kept messaging me so I was only responding vagally. Not professional and a detestable person. I later found out his real name is Shaneil Sewak. Found it on LinkedIn. That is where I saw the house he is trying to rent out. BE AWARE LADIES!!! These type of men are PREDATORS!! I did search for his name and found out he owns a Financial Company I believe and a few other things which I have listed. This guy is seriously scary. Thank g*d I did not go see the place!!!!, I don’t know what he could have done to me!!!!! BE AWARE!!! HUGE EVIL DOER!!!
I am willing to help any other ladies going through the same. I can give you the messages and phone number.

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