Stacey Ann Calvert — Ontario, Canada

Posted on Canada

This b***h will sleep with men who are taken and then buy their love, send the man over 10 grand because she’s so looped and desperate and everyone knows so, De she will get pregnant then abort the child because the guy who got her pregnant has a girlfriend 🤣 Continues to sleep with the man and gets pregnant again and holds the child over his head like a toy, She will stalk your house and have people hide behind trees and take photos of your house. She’s a fat crusty whale who thinks her s**t don’t stink, She’s a 35 year old lonely r****d, She meets random men off dating sites and brings them to her home the same night when her child is there and sleeps with them RAW 🤢 Stinky v****a and likes to get around Stay away from this nasty girl she will stalk you and f*k your man

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