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Where to begin…. Around June of 2013 my husband and I had been having problems. He began going out more and more with his friend that I already hated. In August I got a call from my friend telling me I needed to see something. I get to her house and she showed me messages on her husbands phone. It was my husband and Stephanie Rivella texting back and forth. He could not use his phone because he knew I would have seen the phone records since the phones are in my name. I called her and told her that I am his wife and that she needed to back off and leave my husband alone. At this point I did not know whether we were going to continue to be together or not. He stopped going out and started staying home and we started working on our marriage. Then in November we started having problems again. I was just unhappy with us having different work schedules and depressed about other things as well. Instead of working on the problems, my husband decided to contact this w***e again. I noticed that he put a passcode on his phone and changed the password to his fb and email accounts. Every time his phone would go off, he would turn it away so I couldn’t see it. I knew at that point something was going on. I asked him and he told me that there was no one else and that he loved me. This whole time we were still having s*x almost everyday and doing things together. Then on December 6th 2013, De I went to a Christmas party with my best friend and after we left we decided to go by my adopted moms bar. We are sitting at the bar having drinks when who walks in the door???? You guessed it , my husband and this Manly looking trash!!!! They get to the other side of the bar and standing there waiting for beer my husband notices me starring at him. He left her standing there and came over to me and told me, it is not what you are thinking, she is only here to play poker next door. I was still so stunned that he would even have the nerve to bring her in THIS bar that my reaction was delayed. As soon as he walked away he took her towards the back door to leave and then it sank in what had just happened so I jumped up and ran after them. He immediately grabbed me up and this scared b***h ran into the poker house next door. I tried to get to her for a good 10 minutes but my husband is obviously a lot stronger than me. For an hour we stood outside in the rain with him begging and pleading with me not to leave him and telling me how much he loves me and that she means absolutely nothing to him all while this w***e gets to sit inside that house in front of all these people listening to every word we said. I put two and two together and realized that this was the same b***h that I had just spoke with in August. When we were on our way home from my family Christmas party the Saturday after Christmas and one of my husbands “loyal friends” sent me a message with a copy of an email that she had sent to him. He had logged on to his facebook on someone elses phone and forgot to log out. When we got home, I confronted him yet again and it absolutely brought him to his knees begging me not to leave. I got up the next morning and text her and told her that if she ever even muttered my husbands name again I was going to come after her and that was a promise. Then she started in on the whole “thanks for the threat” thing trying to ms. hardass I suppose. I then told her that it was not a threat but a promise and she started in on the whole “I am not a bad person and I am ashamed of myself for getting caught up in this” She also said that he told her we were separated. BULLSHIT! She knew we weren’t!!! I said if you thought we were separated don’t you think that he would be able to call you from his phone and that he could actually spend time with you more often rather than when I was at work or her just coming to his work and that he would actually be able to stay over night instead of having to go home every night and if he were in fact separated why wasn’t she allowed to come to his house???? Yeah, you knew he was still very much with his wife but you chose to do the wrong thing anyway!!!!

Since all this has happened, my husband came clean. He no longer has a passcode on his phone at all, I have all the passwords to his email and fb accounts and he is constantly reminding me that he loves me. He told me that he did not have feelings for her at all and that she was a huge mistake. He said he talked to her because she was easy. I cannot say that things are perfect because they are not by a long shot. However, I have seen a change in him and I am trying very hard to move forward and work out all of our issues and we are doing this together. I do not know what the future holds for us but I do know that we have not lost faith in each other and our marriage. So sorry w***e, you didn’t win. Like I told you, my husband was not going to break up his family/home for a trashy bar fly that looks like a man!!! You are pathetic and a homewrecking w***e! Karma is coming for you!!!!!

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