tatianna taylor

Posted on California

Vikki Ann Robinson, alias Tatianna Taylor, is a cheating lying, evil, black magic, meth head who manipulates everyone into believing she was a victim. She claimed a man she met from Plenty of Fish and after only knowing the registered s*x offender for only a week, gives a stranger a key to her home while she turns herself in for manslaughter of an innocent man after having one of her normal suicidal, playing victim, driving from the drug man’s house after selling her p***y for the hit she needed so bad, 45-day jail time. Knowing her youngest daughter, 23, was already f*****g and sucking her ex-husbands d**k for years, she allowed it and just wanted the new man in her life when she got out. For two years this weird a*s b***h, started calling this sexual relationship a relationship, that only she was in. Narcissistic? hmm. Once the longtime friend of the guy Vikki wanted to so much came around, Vikki went back to work on her spells and manipulation and suicide stunts for attention. Not only that, she was aware that her daughter was having sexual encounters with her imaginary man, she claimed was hers, but she did not care until it came a time for her evil a*s to go. The bitter b***h was one pity party about who he f****d and calling people cheaters, when all along, this b***h was recording her and her drug-dealer giving her oral s*x sessions in her “boyfriends” garage. The same man she been hollering about got taken from her. This b***h is a retarded woman, and all she wants to do is meth, she is the evilest person you will ever met. Don’t let the fake-colored eyes, and fake eyelashes and makeup fool you. Any person who sleeps with their make-up and wig on and never removes they contacts and wears glasses, is hiding something. She needs to get off the meth, find out why her ex-husband is receiving oral s*x from her daughter. Did I mention they got kids together too? But I guess the meth is what matters and seeing that they all got diff dads and they all got mental problems, she is the ringleader to the madness. Be careful!

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